India pakistan news pakistan banning Indian cinema and TV

India Pakistan news

India pakistan news :- When Indian Air Force does Airstrike on the area of Pakistan, so that is this is a very angry moment for Pakistan, so he replied India and shoot down Indian jet and caught Indian pilot,

Now Pakistan Supreme court has made a decision to Ben all Indian serials and movies that are currently running in Pakistan Cinemas,

After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, both countries have not a good relationship and they are the most famous enemies, but both countries loved with each other in the term of the film industry,

Pakistan’s Supreme court has decided they will ban also Indian TV channels and films, the supreme court says it is not possible to watch Indian contact because India wants war and India wants to destroy our country,

There are so many people in Pakistan who love Indian Bollywood movies, and celebrities, but When it came to the country, we could not bear this and sacrifices all things,

Famous Pakistani actor Ali says I love Bollywood industry and I grew to watching Shahrukh Khan Salman Khan and Aamir Khan movies and does the study of films,

The Pakistani film journalist Rauf Mahmood Says Pakistani Cinemas needs to grow, and it’s necessary to Indian films not be banned in Pakistan,

There are 120 cinemas in Pakistan, in year Pakistan needs 24 films for the trading of Cinemas business in Pakistan,

and 70 percentage Cinemas revenue comes from Indian films, Pakistani cinema industry does not getting grow without the Indian films,

After the war of 1965 there were 40 years Indian films were banned in Pakistan, and after 40 years the Pakistani cinema industry was grown.

the question arrives that the effect of these decisions works on Indian film industry or Pakistani film business,

So this is the latest information about India Pakistan news and why Pakistan Ban Indians movies and Tv channels,

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