Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern banned automatic weapons in New Zealand

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern Announced that all types of semi-automatic military weapons,

Now weapons will not be selling in New Zealand & New Zealand has already stronger guns laws than the US.

After the attack of Christchurch mosques, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the new rule of ban all weapons in New Zealand, this law will be applied in some working weeks on 11 April,

Jacinda Ardern also says she will be introducing many new rules and regulations to increase the security level, as soon as possible,

There are more than 15 lacs private weapons are available in New Zealand, now these will be totally Ben in New Zealand, also including the assault rifles and military-style semi-automatics,

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13500 types of weapons people use for his safety and now these weapons will be affected by this rule,

the 50 innocent people have died in this incident, the people who died on this attack 9 people was Pakistani and, 3 people belonged to the same family,

attack of Christchurch mosques

This attack is a very sadful moment for all over the world Because this attack totally changes the New Zealand country,

It is the good decision of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Bans all types of automatic weapons in New Zealand, 50 innocent peoples were died because of these weapons.

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Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern also says that the main reason for Ban weapons to National safety and protect the people in the future from these kinds of attacks,

she also said the two people arrested, that who change weapons magazine capacity by using 30 rounds magazine,

the Police commissioner Mike Bush also tells that 50 bodies those killed in the attacks had been identified.

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