[Mission Shakti] India Successfully Tests Anti Satellite Weapon

Mission Shakti, India Successfully Tests Anti Satellite Weapon

India successfully destroys his satellite by his new launched Anti Satellite Weapon distance around 300 km from the Earth, it is India’s first Satellite Weapon and its name called Mission Shakti, now India made number 4th country who have this power.

Mission Shakti is India’s first successfully weapon tasted by the DRDO India, now India has the power to destroy any satellite in space around his area,

According to the source, the news arrived that the satellite was destroyed its a Micro Satellite R and its recent launch in January for the DRDO India, but not anyone surely tells details this is the Same satellite

First time in India’s history on low orbit (Low Distance) this Satellite was launched and the total distance is 270 Kilometers earth to space.

The main purpose of making this anti-satellite weapon to increase the security level of India, it is less chance to use this weapon in future but if other countries spying on India or doing illegal activities this weapon will destroy them,

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Another benefit of this anti-satellite is those 47 satellites of India now totally secure and no one can destroy it,

the real budget of these programs we can’t know because of international security reasons and they don’t reveal the information and other stuff for security purposes like ISRO and DRDO.

In 2010 DRDO announce India is working on this kind of Technology (Anti-satellite weapon) and this technology will be destroyed and satellite on the space.

Some journalist says India invented this weapon in 2013 when Agni Missile was launched but India not properly tested this weapon not India successfully tested this weapon.

Nitin Gadkari views about Mission Shakti (anti-Satellite Weapon)

Nitin Gadkari, Anti Satellite Weapon, mission shakti

News anchor frequently asked the question to Nitin Gadkari about mission Shakti he asked its right time to launch this Anti-Satellite Weapon technology when the election was started in India’s every City and all politicals leaders working on the election? what do you think BJP and Narendra Modi is taking political advantage from this program?

Nitin Gadkari answered and tells this technology is the proudful moment for India and this weapon invented by our scientist and they work on the particular time table, it’s not connected with politics.

Anchor again asked about the Narendra Narendra Modi’s statements he says India is now in safe hands and now he more secure etc, its indicate to the politics?

Nitin Gadkari says this is about India’s security and this weapon plays the main role in our country’s internal and external security and don’t take this program on the political way.

After this statement, Nitin Gadkari doesn’t tell about this mission and he says don’t ask these type of political questions.

Which countries already have this anti-Satellite Weapon technology?

Anti Satellite Weapon

This technology some other countries already have like America, China, and Roos, now India comes on the list on the Anti Satellite Weapon technology,

In 2007 China tested this same Anti-Satellite Weapon but the distance around the 865 km from earth to space, and China use medium-range Satellite.

that time America, Japan & Australia these biggest countries appreciate China because other countries have fear for his Satellites security but China says this technology we invented for our security and to damage others.


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