Nirav Modi arrested in London – PNB fraud case

Nirav Modi arrested in London

Nirav Modi the owner of celebrity Jewelers arrested in the UK in the scam of 13000 crores of Punjab National Bank, Nirav Modi arrested in London yesterday,

After the one year long time Nirav Modi was get caught, he was caught yesterday, in A Metro Station Centre London, by IDI officer which is handling the case against Nirav Modi,

the court also issues the arrest warrant against Nirav Modi in London so he arrested by the UK police,

It is the same case like Vijay Mallya, he got arrested in a foreign country and get back in India, this is a big achievement for Indian agencies and proud full moment for India.

Now India is trying to get Nirav Modi back in India and attempted case on it, but it’s not an easy process because Nirav Modi got a nationality of London it is hard to give back.

How Nirav Modi arrested in London ?

one year ago the Nirav Modi was run away from India, but now officially he got arrested, its big achievement for the Indian country,

now BJP was getting this credit of Nirav Modi arrest, because its an election time in India, so BJP took advantage of this moment, but we don’t forget Nirav Modi got the loan of 13000 crores and ran away from India, in BJP ruled

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Before the arrest of Nirav Modi, we saw many times Nirav Modi in the streets of London, many interviews were given by Nirav Modi but reporters ask about 13000 Crore nation bank of Panjab scam he was getting silent,

if you know the Nirav Modi get a loan from many banks, according to the CBI case they charge FIR of 11000 crores, and ED exposed director also attempt FIR of 250 crores.

Another thing When police raid on Nirav Modi’s jewelry showrooms, they claim he collect 35000 crores pieces of jewelry and diamond after five months complete investigation, the total value of those diamonds are 10% to the actual amount.

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