[PUBG BAN] Science of PUBG Addiction- How to Stop Playing

PUBG game ban

PUBG mobile is a most popular game in all over the world, child to adult everyone is playing this game, basically this is a Battle Royale game in which 100 online players come together and play this game, & these players dropped in island, through airplane and 100 players fight together and who will survive in last made winner, in PUBG language called it winner winner chicken dinner,

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PUBG Mobile Ban in India

the Indian government banned PUBG game in India, recently police arrested 21-year boys who playing PUBG in public,
the other day 3 more people were arrested by police those who plays PUBG in the public, PUBG did not ban all over India but in some places like Gujarat,

Why Government PUBG Mobile Ban in India?

  • Fitness trainer in Jammu India lost his mental balance after continuous playing PUBG 10 days,
  • 15 years boy Steels 50 Thousand from his fathers account to spend on the PUBG.
  • Two people have died on the rail track they were playing PUBG and trains comes & they died.
police arrested people PUBG

the main reason of ban PUBG is people lost his minds some people died because of PUBG & also people was not constraints on his work and students gets fails on exams, parents were getting in trouble so the government takes a decision to ban PUBG in India.

The science of PUBG game Addiction

the questions arrive at why people are an addict for this game? how to recovers from it?

one reason of Addiction of PUBG is Everyone has problems and pressure because of jobs, study etc in daily life, So everyone wants to relax his mind so he finds temporary solutions like reading books and physical activities, like Dancing and playing sports, and some peoples paly PUBG,

playing PUBG is the first reason for addiction, better do reading books, plays sports and learn new languages etc,

What PUBG game makes attractive and unique?

First thing PUBG makes famous is many games you play alone or with strangers but in PUBG you can play this game in the group with your friends or neighborhood and family this thing make PUBG unique and special,

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Another feature you can talk live with your friends and game members, its the biggest reason makes it’s unique and attractive.

Another reason of Addiction this game you’re all friends playing PUBG and you feel alone and made addict of this game cause of your friends if you don’t want to addict these games change your friends if they play PUBG

Public provide players goal to achieve it step by step, members know what to do to achieve this goal, and PUBG gives reward
time by time on the achievements and also PUBG ranked the player your performance was getting increasing also your rating get increased.

also the reason for the addition is game feels you like a hero because many people do not make the hero in his real life or some peoples dream make a soldier so PUBG fulfill his dream,

Another reason is PUBG is easy to play just install the app on mobile and play, it’s the main reason why people addicted to this game,

How to stop play PUBG game?

The main thing you need to apply in our lifestyle is to change your habit, for example, if you come from your school, job or college what you do? you will be playing games, so you need to change the habit, you need to apply another habit and remove playing PUBG.

Makes new habits like reading books, play sports, yoga or join gym so you will get rid from PUBG addiction,

PUBG Mobile Introduces Health Reminder Feature.

PUBG MOBILE Introduces Health Reminder
PUBG Health Reminder

PUBG introduce a new mode of Health Reminder in the game if your age is under 18 so PUBG get off after 4 hours and your age is 18 the game will stop after 6 hours,

SO PUBG get limit of 6 hours you cant play PUBG after 6 hours complete in a day,

also, PUBG introduces some instruction for the player like play game on home and avoid to play in public place and don’t play in sleep, now PUBG does good step-parents were scared and students result gets decreases.

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It’s a very hard problem for PUBG lovers those who play for 10 hours 15 hours daily they will not playing long after 6-hour complete health reminder will start and PUBG gets stop.

PUBG was trying to maintain his level because India was banned this game in some cities so PUBG doesn’t want to ban his game all over India because the majority of games players is Indian and PUBGs main income source in India.


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