T series vs Pewdiepie who will hit 100 Million subscribers.

T series vs Pewdiepie

t series vs Pewdiepie who will win? The online feud between T series and Pewdiepie has caused because of T Setease subscribers count, the current situation is T Series is overtaking Pewdiepie in subscribers count so the tough competition arrived between T series and Pewdiepie,

Pewdiepie gain around 30 million subscribers in the last 6 months, and currently, he has 94 million subscribers, and T Series is getting closer on 93.5 million subscribers.

Now everyone is wondering who will be hit 100 million subscribers first Pewdiepie vs t series?

T series vs Pewdiepie

The only channel on YouTube who have 100 million plus subscribers, its an official YouTube channel name “Music” it has many popular pieces of music videos and other stuff.

According to Music about page, this channel was generated automatically by YouTube videos Discovery system and it is not run by any person & company or another third party this is auto made by YouTube,

In this Music channel, you can find out the most watched music videos and including videos for Cardi B, Bruno Mars and Jonas brothers sucker, its alone channel who have 100 Millon subscribers but now he not will be alone who have 100 million subscribers.

T series vs Pewdiepie who will hit 100 Million first?

In some days ago T Series leading Pewdiepie by 5000 subscribers but Pewdiepie comes again on the top because of his new song “Congratulations”, after his songs the Pewdiepis gain more subscribers and his song on No.1 Trending in Yoyube.

All foreign youtube help to Pewdiepie to become a No. 1 youtube and someone hacked printers in some country and automatically printed subscribe Pewdiepie, others YouTubers doest live stream for Pewdiepie.

According to the social blade, T Series will be getting first hundred million subscribers. because T series is a music company and Pewdiepie is an individual youtube & T series have thousands of workers who worked for T series.

Another thing about T series’s great higher than Pewdiepie and its multinational company worked for Bollywood movies in India.

Pewdiepie vs t series current sub count?

T series vs Pewdiepie

In this image, you can saw the current difference between Pewdiepie and t series is 4 Lac+ now the Pewdiepie higher in Subs count because of his new song, but T-series definitely beat him and become number one Youtube channel in all over the world.

Some weeks ago Pewdiepie Lost many subscribers because of New Zealand shooting, the person who responsible for this shooting he killed many innocent people in masque of New Zealand.

T series vs Pewdiepie,   New Zealand shooting

Before the shooting he said Subscribe to Pewdiepie and he start live streaming on Facebook, so its a major reason of Pewdiepie’s subscribers lost.

Many YouTubers was moved away from Support to Pewdiepie because no one getting the problem because of Pewdiepie,

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According to the social blade, T Series have A++ grade and Pewdiepie have only A grade, it means T series ranking higher than the Pewdiepie, T series definitely will overtake him.

Who is t series?

T Series is an Indian music company and found on 11th July 1983, 35 years ago in New Delhi India, the founder of T Series is Gulshan Kumar and this company provides service about the recorded music, film production, and Film trailers.

This Youtube Channel created on in 2006 and it has 66.4 billion+ views on his channel, currently, he has 4 Play buttons from the youtube.

T series Youtube Play Buttons.

  • Silver play Button 100K subscribers 2011
  • Gold Play Button 1 Million subscribers 2013
  • Diamond Play Button 10 Million subscribers 2016
  • Ruby Play Button 50 Million subscribers 2018

This is a most watched YouTube channel in India, there are many music channels are present on YouTube like Zee Music and Sony Music India but the most popular is T Series.

Who is PewDiePie?

felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg known as PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber, and also comedian, gamer, he is born on the 24 October 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden, he passed his degree of industrial economics and technology management from Chalmers University of Technology.

he started youtube channel in 2010 he have 93.5 million current Subscribers, he has 21 billion views on his youtube videos,

PewDiePie Youtube Play Buttons.

  • Silver play Button 100K subscribers 2012
  • Gold Play Button 1 Million subscribers 2012
  • Diamond Play Button 10 Million subscribers 2013
  • Ruby Play Button 50 Million subscribers 2016


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